What have I been up to?

Wow guys, I’m doing terribly on keeping my blog up to date. It was going so well the first few months but my priorities have been shifting all over the place. So this is a little update on what I’m busy with and why I’ve been blogging less. There’s a lot of fun stuff coming up which I’ll be hopefully able to share with all of you.

Work, no surprise
Of course, I’m working 5 days a week which takes up quite a bit of time and energy. I find it hard to get back on my computer when I get home. I just want to sit down, have a chill, watch some telly, work on some cosplay and clean up things around the flat. And as you see, cosplay is even included in my after work activities…


I think I caught the cosplay-bug. I set myself to finish 3 (!!!) costumes in two months. I’ve got one ready, one halfway there and another nearly there. (Kahlan Amnell, Black Canary and Harley Quinn) This takes up a lot of time, especially as I’ve been trying to make a lot myself, this included investing in a sewing machine and other crafty gear. I’ve been (hand) sewing, painting, cutting and made patterns. And there’s another three planned for the end of the year (Daenerys Targaryen, Batwoman and Lagertha from Vikings). I’m loving the progress I’m making and learning new things like working with foam.

I want to try and post some tutorials and progress post on my blog. I’ve been posting a lot on my Facebook page and you’ll be able to follow all the details there but I think it should be good to post a bit more on here. Plus I want to get back on some of the outfits (non cosplay) as I’ve got a few cool things coming in. And of course the cosplay exposed I’ve done before.


New blog and portfolio layout
It’s somewhere… Happening…  I don’t know when? Well it is happening, but it might still take a while. My boyfriend is now a front-end developer and we agreed to help each on our website. I do design for both, he codes both, job done you’d say? No, we still have to sit down and get through everything. I’ve finished the design for my portfolio but still have to do my blog and his portfolio. But it’s somewhere in the middle, it will get there in the end! So keep your eyes open.

Events, travel and more
I still have a bit of my social life left and am going back to the Netherlands for a weekend (see family and friends and for the Elf Fantasy Fair) for Easter. I’ve got 4 conventions coming up in the next 3 months and some more events for work and fun! Plus a festival (Rock Werchter) and a holiday I still have to plan somewhere. All really exciting, but very busy.

So that’s what I’ve been, and am still up to. I hope to be back with more blogs but please keep in mind that I’m trying to do a lot at the same time.

InstaDiary: February and March

I completely forgot about my InstaDiary last month, so decided to grab 2 months together and put it in one. Last month has also been one of the worst in my blogging history. Which is completely my fault but I’m just out of it. It’ll come back and especially with the convention season coming up there will hopefully be a lot more. But for now, enjoy these two months.


We went for our first run of the year – I got haircut – And even though this seems like ages ago, we went ice skating – with a lovely meal up front – I started on my Batwoman cosplay – And got my London Film & Comic Con tickets and Stan Lee photo – Homemade Jamie Oliver meal – And another one!

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London Super Comic Con: Atmosphere

Sorry for taking a while to post my cosplay photos. But I didn’t make much photos and am waiting for some photographers I modelled for. Have a little bit more patience but here’s some photos of other people walking around. Amazing costumes I saw made by other photographers which will be all be credited by clicking on the photo. Enjoy and let me know which one your favourite costume is.

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